NYC nibbles & tipples

With around 24k eating establishments in NYC we weren’t short on choice for a few final holiday season calories. Armed with recommendations from friends and a hefty bit of research here’s where we chose on our trip, links included in case you want to try them yourselves.

Day 1: BAGELS (and Day 2 and 3 etc) 

When in Brooklyn, it would be rude not to eat bagels, we chose the Bagel store on Bedford Avenue but other places like Bagelsmith also looked good. Would recommend trying the ‘everything’ bagel and a rainbow bagel for fun with a sweet cream cheese filling.

More breakfast spots included Marlow and sons which was excellent. Egg which was not so excellent (just don’t bother tying biscuits and gravy it’s plain ick). Blue bottle coffee and Irving farm coffee roasters for breakfast burritos.

Day 1 also brought us to our biggest night out in Manhattan. Slightly over excited to be in NYC and the prospect of getting into the not so secret cocktail parlour, we racked up a hefty bill at The Dead Rabbit. Run by some lads from Belfast it has 3 floors. To get onto the second floor you have to ask the doorman for a buzzer and wait. When it’s your turn (multiple drinks later) you are sent to the second floor landing to a locked door where a man in a dicky bow comes and collects you. What awaits is an entirely different cocktail menu written in the style of a graphic comic, complimentary shot and taxidermy decor (I think).

Budget eats 

You don’t have to spend big to eat big in New York. One of our faves was the infamous Joe’s Pizza as featured in Spider Man and frequented by the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Leonardo DiCaprio. The slices are better than anything you will get outside of Italy.

Other budget eats included Vanessa’s dumpling house in China town and stopping for chocolate dipped Canoli in Little Italy at another infamous NYC eatery Ferrara Bakery

Not so budget eats and drinks 

One lesson learned on this trip, check the menu before walking in. A mistake we made at The Russian Tearoom. After getting over the initial shock we sat back to enjoy the grandiose decor and the delicious beetroot borscht. We also bagged our one celebrity spot, an older lady with strong NY accent that none of us could remember the name of. However we enjoyed her loud name dropping of sitting in this establishment across from Spielberg and Scorsese.

Cocktails at the Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller also gave us a feel for NYC celebrity if unfortunately not the view of Manhattan, which was covered in cloud.

One rooftop we did get a good view from was the Ides bar at the Wythe Hotel, now a bit touristy. But if you get there early you can enjoy the view of Manhattan and more potent cocktails.

Taste of Asia

Two of the best places we tried are right next to each other in Williamsburg. First of all we braved 3rd degree burns for the umptious Bibimbap at Korean BBQ Dokebi. Next door we slurped Japanese noodles at Samurai Mama

NYE treats

NYE started out at Maison Premiere, which prides itself on a wide range on non-French champagne (???) and cocktail mixologists who bring their own cocktail shakers to work! Full of balloons and NY style, a great place to start, if a little pretentious. 

The night followed at St Mazies for a tasty set menu and French jazz to see in the new year. After minesweeping some NYE glasses we headed to Videology bar for a bit of disco boogying before a final bagel of 2016. 


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