Reporting from the Jungle Book

I have just arrived at my home for the next 3 weeks in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle in a town called Cabuya, about a 20 min drive south of Montezuma in the Punta Arenas peninsula in the Pacific ocean.

I literally feel I should be walking around with a David Attenborough narration, there is a crazy amount of wildlife here and you don’t have to try hard to see it.  Just this morning on my way out of my bedroom I was greeted by a great blinking tarantula.  I thought maybe I was exaggerating in my mind the size and breed of this animal but was later confirmed it was in fact the hairy fiend.  Some googling later by our hosts discovered it is actually tarantula breeding season, so you know that’s something you don’t see everyday!

The Digs

Are pretty luxurious all things considered, you are in the middle of the jungle!  I have my own room, AC and a shared bathroom (shared with bats, spiders etc).  There is a beautiful infinity pool with a view over the jungle looking down the hill to the Pacific and a yoga deck which would make a lot of Ashrams envious.

The wildlife

I don’t really know where to start so I’m just going to do a list and add to it each day! The below includes sightings at the ranch and also at the jungle beach, Playa Grande!

Monkeys and other mammals:

  • Howler monkeys (you hear them before you see them)
  • Capuchin monkeys
  • Coati (nicknamed Snookam bear, google it!)
  • Puma the cat (thinks she’s a capuchin I think)
  • Mojo and Churra the dogs
  • Fruit bats (in my room, in my shower, in the surfboard lock up)


  • Brown pelican
  • Least bittern
  • Turkey vulture
  • Bay headed tanager (we think, may have been a mot mot)
  • Lineated woodpecker
  • Emerald toucanet
  • Mot mot
  • Kiskadee

Creepy crawly things:

  • Bullet ant
  • Another crazy ant
  • A to be confirmed yellow big crazy ant (termite maybe)

Beach things:

  • Iguana
  • Leather-back turtle nesting site
  • 100s of hermit crabs
  • Some kind of land crab (unsure)
  • Some kind of silver speedy crab
  • Beware of crocodile sign
  • Jesus lizard
  • 100s of tropical fish

That’s it for now will keep adding as I go!


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