Pura Vida Wild Sun Jungle Resort

Ecstatic, relieved, delighted and a little bit smug, my feelings as I arrived at La Escuela Del Sol, now Wild Sun Jungle Resort for a 3 week stay in the jungle whilst learning to surf, speak some Spanish and enjoy a little yoga.  On arrival I discovered a picture perfect yoga deck, infinity  pool and unimaginable jungle location in the midst of howler monkeys, capuchins, geckos and countless exotic birds.  All wild and just passing by, daily.

However it is the people here that made this little bit of heaven in the jungle feel like home and confirm a feeling that I did the right thing packing up the my bags and heading off for adventure and new experiences.

All the classes were led by experienced qualified instructors, in most cases there were never more than 3 or 4 people in the class with me. Sometimes I was the only person in a class, personal Spanish tuition I’m sure has made all the difference navigating Nicaraguan buses!  Classes were just the right length of time to make you feel you’d had a good quality session without being too long.

Spanish lessons with Alice…


Surf with Rocky at Playa Grande (more pics to come)


Yoga posing after an incredible session with Jess…

The team

Is a really good mix of Ticos, expats and two American brothers who make the place feel like home from home.  There are no words to describe Randy the chef, who speaks little English but everyone seems to understand just fine.  You can’t help but smile after some time in the kitchen with Randy!  Gina is a little pocket rocket of good energy and happiness a highlight of every morning along with the great coffee (Gina’s favourite). Marc is attentive and making sure everyone is happy and having a good time, all the time and Jeremy’s passion for saving wildlife draws a crowd from the local area.


The residents

As well as the daily wildlife Wild Sun is inhabited by a cast of motley pets, featuring Puma the cat who thinks she is a monkey and regularly comes catapulting out of bushes to greet (?) you Mojo and Churra the dogs and occasionally some guest appearances from friends of Wild Sun…

Downtime in Cabuya

There’s plenty to do when you are not in class and Marc and Jeremy see to it that you know the best places to go.  Whilst staying at Wild Sun we were treated to a trip to Vistas Olas, ziplining over the Montezuma waterfalls, shown the way to trek in Cabo Blanco, snorkeling at Isla Tortuga, soaking up the vibes in Montezuma and bonfires on the beach in Cabuya.


The digs…

And finally my new friends…

As well as the great crew at Wild Sun I met new friends from the other guests and volunteers at Wild Sun. A melting pot of nationalities, personalities and backgrounds that somehow all gelled together beautifully. I will always have fond memories of the time here and the people I met 🙂



  1. hi claire. willy just sent me the link to your blog. what a great adventure. the retreat/school in costa rica looks very tempting. hope the rest of your trip is just as good. with love, pauline

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