Where to???

Here’s where I’ll be from week to week…

  • 28th Dec – 4th January: New York
  • 5th Jan – 8th January: San Francisco
  • 9th Jan – 14th January: Either Lake Tahoe, Big Sur or Grand Canyon, Las Vegas TBC
  • 15th – 18th January: Los Angeles
  • 18th January – 12th February: Costa Rica
  • 13th February – 17th March: Nicaragua/Honduras/Belize/Mexico
  • 18th March – 7th April: Peru with Grant including Machu Picchu (reach the summit on the 1st April)
  • 8th April – 28th April: Bolivia/Chile/Argentina with Debs
  • 29th April – 14th May: Japan with Dad
  • 15th May – 17th May – Bejing with Dad

May onwards will either be Vietnam or Mongolia depending on budget and visas!